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Chain of Custody Procedure

Source: Premier InfoSource

Chain of custody is the term used to describe the process of ensuring and providing documentation of proper specimen identification and handling from the time of specimen collection to the reporting of laboratory results. If laboratory results were to be legally challenged, the ability to prove that the specimen was handled according to strict chain of custody procedures is essential. The chain of custody protocol assures the specimen belongs to the individual whose information is printed on the specimen container label, no post-collection adulteration or tampering has taken place, exactly who had possession of the specimen and when, how the specimen was transported and stored before it was analyzed, no unauthorized access to the specimen was possible, and the specimen was handled in a secure manner.

The Drug Testing Chain of Custody Form is a multi-part form containing unique specimen identification information which accompany each specimen throughout the drug testing process. The form identifies the company requesting the test, the subject of the test, the type of test to be performed and the medical review officer who will review the test. Each form includes the necessary labels to secure the specimen container throughout the process. You can order Drug Testing Chain of Custody Forms by clicking here.